Curious about opportunities with Encore? Below are some of the more common positions we staff for our clients…


Typical Pay $18 – $30+/hour

3 simple words to describe what we look for in our promotional models. Being a Brand Ambassador is all about interacting with people and creating a positive consumer experience for the product or brand that is being promoted. These staff members are typically in-market and can pick and choose the events they’d like to work.


Typical Pay $20 – $40+/hour

This position is for a more experienced staff member. While all of the attributes of a Brand Ambassador still apply, a Field Manager is also required to work closely with our client, oversee other staff members, document the event via reporting and pictures, and perform other tasks as directed. Many of our best Field Managers were once Brand Ambassadors that excelled at events and proved themselves capable of taking on the added responsibility. A Field Manager is the driving force for an event to be a success.


Pay: Weekly; Food & Hotel Typically Included

A Tour Manager is hired to oversee a continuous tour that travels the country and is responsible for all aspects of the activation of the tour. Primary responsibilities typically include overseeing traveling support staff, working closely with our client and venue contacts, maintenance of vehicles and overseeing local staff while in-market. Most of our clients are looking for seasoned Tour Managers to activate their programs. Pay is a weekly salary with food & hotel per diems. Completion and performance bonuses are usually available for a well-activated tour.


Typical Pay $20 – $50+/hour

OUTGOING, ENERGETIC, FUN… to the Nth Degree!
This person is in charge of getting the crowd excited and engaged in the promotion while delivering the brand message in a professional and pointed way. An Emcee must be comfortable on the mic and in front of large crowds. Experience is a must for most of our clients. Pay is typically hourly and ranges from $20/hour to $50/hour depending on the event.

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