Why You Should Hire Event Staff to Help Build Your Brand

In a competitive world of e-commerce where the buyer’s needs come first. It’s crucial for brands to establish a positive customer relationship early. So why do many companies fail to make that all-important human connection? As tried-and-tested methods like print, ads and commercials fail to engage today’s digital-savvy consumer, it can be difficult for brands to find their own ‘sweet spot’ with effective and sustainable tactics.

If your goal is to revamp your current campaign strategy, planning well-executed events could be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle. Enter experiential marketing. According to this insightful article by Campaign Live,People are seeing the value of moments and interactions over stuff.” So if your brand is new to experiential marketing, you must first understand the importance of hiring the right event staff for the job.

Hire Event Staff to Create a Personalized Brand Experience

Yes, live events are one of the most successful strategies a brand can implement to reach customers on a personal level. Based on a recent account of industry trends, the percentage of customers who actively look for brands offering a positive and memorable experience is as high as 65%. In a nutshell, what this means for your company is that you can hire event staff to become the face of your brand and let this team utilize their best skills to spread the word about your products or services. Keep in mind that your field team will ultimately serve as a key deciding factor between a brand that succeeds or a brand that gets lost in the crowd.

Choose Experiential Staff to Actively Engage with Your Audience

So how can your brand attract new customers and resonate with their pain points? Three words: Hire event staff. Sales should, of course, still be the core objective. Still, with better face-to-face experiences and global activation events, these strategies are far more efficient when landing customers who are prepared to make repeat purchases. So if you want your brand to tap into a more innovative approach where authenticity wins people over, it’s time to hire event staff who can bridge the gap and ensure potential customers are buzzing about your brand – even after the event.

Without strong field staff, it doesn’t matter how much planning and budget go into your marketing campaigns. What matters is making sure you have a highly skilled team to help your brand succeed. If the human attention span is as little as 8 seconds, brand ambassadors have a moment to make an emotional connection at your live event. And if they fail to attract the right attention, you might not get a second chance in the minds of the customer. Above all, no brand wants to jeopardize its public image or reputation, so hire event staff tailored to your individual requirements with the help of a specialist staffing agency.

Learn How to Attract and Retain Customers by Hiring Event Staff

So let’s evaluate how brands that hire event staff tend to attract and retain greater customer loyalty in the long term, compared to those who stick with more old-school tactics. Here are a few key reasons why brand ambassadors are beneficial when it comes to creating a seamless consumer-brand relationship:

  • Today’s modern consumer is intelligent and often short on time, which is why brands must go above and beyond to reach their audience in exciting ways. For example, a skilled brand ambassador will always offer a face to your brand, and this is what consumers need more of. Once your brand establishes a live interaction point between your company and its target customer, this becomes your selling tool.
  • An experienced brand ambassador should not only provide customers with helpful advice about the ‘trial and awareness’ aspects of your product or service, they should also be able to frame a meaningful interaction in the process.
  • What’s more, a truly engaging brand ambassador will use their honed knowledge and social skills to attract the more challenging customers. In other words; when you hire event staff that have been vetted for their emotional intelligence and engagement skills, the tough consumers who would typically ignore all previous attempts will gradually start to involve themselves in your hosted demonstrations and activities.

Create Interactive Experiences and Build Your Brand’s Reputation

Whether you’re a startup looking to execute a fresh customer retention strategy, one that avoids the ‘been there, done that’ tactics people have seen before, or perhaps you’re a veteran brand already established with a goal to diversify and leverage a new audience. Ultimately, how your brand performs rests upon 3 primary factors: Visibility, ingenuity, and of course, the ability to connect with your target customer. But if your customer struggles to identify with how your message is delivered, it’s easy to lose to the wealth of brands already at the forefront of your prospect’s mind.

Once you hire event staff that embodies your brand’s image using tactics like live demonstrations, pop-up events, and face-to-face interactions, your message can then be simplified. Finally, in a way that lets your customer learn precisely how your offering will make their lives easier.

Choose a Trusted Staffing Agency to Host Your Branded Events

At Encore Nationwide, we’ll help your company discover how to plan an engaging experiential event, with a focus on hiring the best event staff that fits your brand. Find out how our range of staffing and support services can win you more customers in time for your next experiential event.

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