Encore Nationwide Event Staffing Agency Videos

During our pandemic hiatus, we decided to put together a video to highlight some of the thoughts of the people in our database. We hope you like it….we had a blast putting it together!

Sam Adams “Last Lift of the Day” Tour:

One of our all time favorites promotions!  Our friends over at BBC came to us with an idea for a tour.  10 ski areas in 10 weeks.  Apres ski parties.  Find the skiing Sam on the mountain during the day.  There are certain campaigns that will stick with your forever, this is that one for us.  We had a blast with every aspect of this promotional tour.  I think the video speaks for itself.  We will give you a free prize if you can correctly identify Encore’s CEO (Larry Hess) in this video.


  • Skiing Sams
  • Tour Manager
  • Tour Emcee
  • Tour Assistant Manager
  • Various Brand Ambassadors

Zumba Instructor Conference:

We have been working with Zumba for 12 years now.  What started as simply supplying staff for their store, has turned into full management of not only the main retail store but the clearance store as well.  We hire 300+ people for the week in Orlando.  Being part of the Zumba family is amazing.  The energy of this conference is unequaled.  Encore’s CEO even works the event as store security!  We look forward to this event every summer!


  • Overall Retail Director
  • Store Managers
  • Assistant Store Managers
  • Cashiers
  • Store Staff
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Security
  • Overall Management

Encore Nationwide:

This is one of our first Encore “promo” videos that we shot for use at the Experiential Awards. While we retired the term “E-Pass”, the software we use today (White Label Staffing) still uses some of that same technology. This was a fun video to put together.

EventSpeak Livestream:

We sit down with EventSpeak’s Big John to talk about Experiential in a time a Covid-19.

YouTheory – Country Thunder:

Youtheory sponsors some of the most fun and unique events all over the country.  This is just one example of a killer execution strategy!


  • Tour Management
  • Hair stylists
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Event Emcee
  • Labor

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