We get it. The end of the year rushed up on you and caught you off guard again. You’ve been so focused with planning your seasonal campaigns that you neglected to solve your need for people power.

To make it worse, the stores have already set up their holiday merchandizing for the all-important fourth quarter holiday sales, and networks are already broadcasting holiday programming, as AdWeek’s article “Christmas Comes Early for Lifetime, Which Switches to 24/7 Holiday Programming Friday,” reminds us.

Don’t worry. We can help you.

We want to make your holiday event marketing this season easy and great and so we have a few ideas to make things more manageable for you.

1. Keep It Simple, Sample: When it comes to executing last minute programs, it is important to remember to keep things simple, and the most direct way to a consumer’s heart is through a free sample. If you want to get your sales going, then having some field-savvy Brand Ambassadors interacting with the public in the stores where your products or services can be purchased is a strategy with a lot of bang for your buck. In order to activate at a dozen stores, however, you are going to want to work with a Staffing Agency to ensure that you get the right people with the experience to supercharge your sampling efforts.

2. More is More: Minimalism has its place. Lots of marketing effort can be done beautifully without making a lot of noise. With stellar design, brilliant storytelling and well-organized programs, you can indeed do a lot with less. The exception to this rule is the holiday season. There are so many people competing for the public’s attention during this window of time and being quiet in this noisy space is the same as being invisible. Be bright, be bold, be creative, but most of all, go BIG! You can solve one huge challenge of going big with your event marketing by working with a staffing agency. Making sure that you assemble the right team is a critical key to succeeding at event marketing.

3. Target Your Demographic: These days some brands are mainly digital, so being in store is not a realistic option. For those offerings that are purchased digitally, you will need to come up with a good strategy for getting in front of your public. Maybe you offer a digital T-shirt subscription, but you want to do some experiential marketing to drive people to your social and web site.

4. Face your Customer: Whatever you are offering this holiday season, having a face-to-face experience with them is the best way to promote your brand. While your employees are all busy preparing for the seasonal rush, an agency can help you to put all the pieces in place to make some event marketing magic happen.

As a staffing agency, we know how stressful this time of year can be for businesses, and we want to help. Contact us to find out more about our vast database of talent and how we can use our proprietary search software to find you the perfect people to execute your holiday event marketing.

Larry Hess
Encore Nationwide, Inc.

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