Since the advent of digital technology, many sectors of the economy have undergone significant changes. Whether you consider the rise of Pop Up Shops or the decline of brick and mortar institutions, it’s clear: the times they are a changin’. In order to stay competitive in today’s climate, businesses need to pay careful attention to these changes. Brands that come up with strategies that match the times we live in will win a greater share of the market.

Social Media and Mobile Internet

The biggest factor to think about in the digital age is the rise of social media in conjunction with mobile internet. With over 2.3 billion users on Facebook and more than 1 billion people scrolling through Instagram, there’s no denying where people are getting their information, and the channels to which they are paying attention. The thing is: you have to ask not just where, but what.

All you have to do is look at the top posts on Instagram for any city that is a major market for your brand, and you will see that a vast majority of popular posts are created by people and not by brands. You’ll see people sharing moments of their lives, from the everyday to the remarkable, and in many cases those moments will include brands. One of the places this becomes most obvious is when you look at hashtags related to events.

What People Share

At the time of writing, #coachella has 4.8 million posts on Instagram alone. This means that those brands who activated at this one event, like Sephora,  not only reached a huge number of attendees, but also had their presence remarkably magnified through social media posts. Creating a footprint at an event is becoming a critical marketing strategy. The question is: what kind of experience can you create with your brand at an event that will inspire people to share?

People share all kinds of things on social media, but one thing is certain: people like to share their experiences. Whether that means attending a sports game, a musical concert, a festival, a conference or any other number of events, the share-ability of events is high because they stand out as remarkable experiences. By creating a positive experience for consumers at events, you put your brand in the position to have people proselytize for you.

Brand Activations and Agencies

In order to leverage this considerable marketing power, brand activations are a key strategy. But it’s not just enough to create a footprint at an event: you need to make sure you’re creating a positive experience that people will want to share. This means being careful about choosing which agency you have handle your experiential marketing needs, and who you trust to staff your activation.

If you’re going to go through the effort and expense to set up a footprint at an event, you’re going to want to make sure that your products and messages are well taken care of and delivered to the public with the appropriate level of professionalism. You’re going to want the people who interact face to face with the public represent your brand well.

One need only remember the infamous example of the Fyre Festival to understand the importance of logistics. The creators of this would-be-festival were able to leverage social media to great effect in promoting the event, but they failed so miserably in its execution that prison time was awarded. While you may have more humble ambitions for your brand’s footprint at an event, it is still very important to understand the degree of difficulty in creating a successful brand activation.

Staffing your Footprint

Experiential Marketing agencies and Staffing agencies, with an adequate amount of experience, are able to effectively manage time and resources to create the best possible footprint for your brand. In 2019, people are looking for unique experiences and your brand can succeed at spreading your message if you pull off a successful Brand Activation. With over 20 years of staffing experience, Encore Nationwide is ready to help you create a fun and effective experience for your marketing purposes. Choose the tried and true staffing agency, because experience matters.

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