One great way to get experience working with brands is as a brand ambassador, as part of an experiential marketing program. As a brand ambassador, you will: interact with the public, represent a brand, communicate about the brand’s offering, and report back with data collected from your interactions. As a brand ambassador, you are: the face of the brand, an event marketer, and a vital piece of the experiential puzzle.  Getting work as a brand ambassador will give you the opportunity to learn firsthand about experiential marketing. Sounds like a good opportunity? It is. Now, what do you need to do to make yourself the best brand ambassador you can be?

What does it take to be a GREAT brand ambassador?

Five highly desired traits are: being reliable, possessing a positive attitude, being skilled at conversation, being able to enjoy talking to strangers, and being able to think on your feet.

1. Reliable: It has been said that the best ability is availability, but when it comes to being a great brand ambassador it takes more than that. You need to be reliable. This means having good time management and energy management skills. It means being on time, communicating with team members effectively, and following each task through to completion with little supervision. Are you self-motivated? Do you value being on time? Do you finish the tasks that you begin? With the complexity of an event marketing program, being able to manage yourself is a huge advantage.

2. Positive: In his famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie reminds us of the power of positivity. From showing a genuine interest in other people, to remembering to smile, to actively acting as a good listener who encourages others to talk about themselves: this classic book is recommended reading for brand ambassadors. You will attract more bees with honey. When you work as a brand ambassador, you may be asked to wear certain clothes to represent the brand, but the one thing you know you always need to wear is a smile. Being genuinely positive can help you to make a great impression as a brand ambassador.

3. Conversational: To be good at engaging with people you have to know how to strike up and hold a conversation. By showing interest in other people, by asking genuine questions, and by practicing active listening you can get people talking. How do you break the ice in talking to someone you don’t know? How well are you able to read people’s level of interest? Knowing when to listen and when to ask questions is a brand ambassador superpower.

4. Friendly: How easily to you make friends? Are you able to find something likeable in people the moment you meet them? A great brand ambassador is looking for ways to make connections. From appreciating an outfit, to complimenting someone on their hair, a great brand ambassador is a friendly one.

5. Improvisational: This is a job where you have to think on the fly. There is no better mental exercise than dealing with the twists and turns of talking to people in a public setting. Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns in your attempts to communicate. Being ready to come up with fun ideas in the moment will set you apart as a brand ambassador.

As more and more businesses turn to experiential marketing to grow their brands, the role of brand ambassador continues to grow in importance. By working on these five traits, you can provide the greatest value to the brands you represent. As a staffing agency, Encore Nationwide is proud to help connect brands to GREAT brand ambassadors. Contact us to find out more about how to get started.

5 Traits You Need to Be a GREAT Brand Ambassador

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